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Is something missing in Funkwhale? Write a feature request and spark a discussion about it.

Step 1: Search for similar requests

It's possible that the feature you want was already requested by someone else. Take a minute or two to look at our roadmap and at the "Feature Request" category on our forum.

If you find a similar request, it will be more productive to join the existing discussion instead of opening a new one. Don't worry if you open a duplicate: a contributor will handle it :)

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Step 2: Create a forum account

An account is required to join or open new discussions on the forum.

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Step 3: Write your request

Take some time to write your request. Explain what you want to achieve, why it's not possible to do it currently, how it could improve the project.

Give as much context as possible so other readers can understand your needs.

It's also extremely important to describe the issue you want to solve instead of discribing a solution to this issue, because different or more efficient solutions you don't know could exist.


  • Explain what you need
  • Share links and references to projects that have a similar feature


  • Request a specific solution

  Write your request

Start a thread by clicking the "New Thread" button

Start a thread by clicking the "New Thread" button

A simple feature request

A simple feature request

Step 4: Review and submit your request

Read your request one last time, then click on the "Submit" button.

Other contributors will soon join the discussion and give you feedback.

You're done, thank you for the help!