Talk about Funkwhale

Increase the awareness of Funkwhale within audible range of your megaphone.

Step 1: Choose your audience

Who could be interested by Funkwhale within your circle? Funkwhale may be interesting for musicians, music or podcasts lovers, free/federated software fans…


  • Pick someone, or a group of people likely to be excited about Funkwhale.
  • Address people or communities that run with you.


  • Other people, nobody likes other people, it will likely hurt the project. Stranger danger.

Step 2: Choose your medium

Choose a medium your audience is comfortable with. Typical media include: SMS, forums, social media, private messaging systems, oral discussion, etc.


  • Use a medium you are familiar with.

Step 3: Write your message

Write an appropriate message based on your medium and audience. In your own words, explain why you think Funkwhale may interest them.

If relevant and possible, include at least a link to, to give them the opportunity learn more about the project, at their own pace.

Including screenshots or videos may also be helpful to reach different kind of people.


  • Use your own words
  • Include links, screenshots or other media, if relevant
  • Ensure your message respect the medium rules, if any


  • Copy-pasting existing content

You're done, thank you for the help!