How to help?

Do you want to help the project but don't know where to start? Tell us how much time you can spend and we'll get you started!

Here is a list of suggestions

Become a backer

Support Funkwhale financially, on a one-time or recurring basis.

5 minutes

Share your feedback

How happy are you with the project? Let us know!

5 minutes

Join the discussion

Help the Funkwhale whale go in the right direction.

15 minutes

Translate Funkwhale

Help translate the project to other languages.

15 minutes

Report a bug

Report typos, display issues, or other unexpected bebaviour, or fix it yourself.

15 minutes

Publish audio content

Upload content with a libre licence, or your own work, on the network.

15 minutes

Triage tasks

Triage newly created tasks and topics so that other people can find them.

15 minutes

Submit feedback and patches for the documentation

Fix and report issues to improve the quality of the documentation. You can also review work done by others.

30 minutes

Request a feature

Is something missing in Funkwhale? Write a feature request and spark a discussion about it.

30 minutes

Support other community members

Help other community members troubleshot and solve their issues while installing or using Funkwhale.

30 minutes

Review submitted patches

Review work submitted by other contributors to increase software quality.

30 minutes

Solve a small issue

Improve the project by fixing a reported bug or implementing a requested enhancement.

One hour

Open a Funkwhale pod

Hosting your own Funkwhale and opening it to other people makes the network stronger and more attractive.

2 hours

Integrate Funkwhale with other projects

Write an app, an alternative client for Funkwhale, or integrate Funkwhale in third-party projects.

More than two hours