Report a bug

Report typos, display issues, or other unexpected bebaviour, or fix it yourself.

Step 1: Search for similar bugs

A quick search can yield similar bug and avoid opening duplicates. Take a minute or two to search our issue tracker for recent bug reports that could match yours, but don't worry if you open a duplicate: a contributor will handle it :)

If you find a similar bug report, you can comment on this one instead of creating a new one.

If you are unsure about submitting a bug report or have other general tech questions, you can also start a thread in the support topic on our forum, or ask us on our Fediverse account.

  Browse existing bugs   Start a thread on our support forum   Get in touch on the Fediverse

Step 2: Create your Contributor Account

This account is needed to submit your bug report or comments.

  Create your GitLab account

Step 3: Write your bug report

Select "Bug" in the issue template dropdown, then fill the title and content for your bug report.

Try to be as precise and specific as possible: the other contributors that will read your report may not know things that are obvious to you.

We know writing an actionable bug report is hard. Do your best and give as much context as possible, but don't worry: other contributors will reach out to you if they need more details.


  • Explain what you were trying to do
  • Explain what you expected to happen
  • Explain what actually happened
  • Include logs, error messages, screenshots and information about your system (web browser, operating system…), if applicable
  • Include the version number of the Funkwhale server on which the issue happens


  • Use vague language such as "this is not working"

  Write your bug report

Choose "bug" in the issue template drowdown

Choose "bug" in the issue template drowdown

Put logs between three ` (backticks)

Put logs between three ` (backticks)

A complete exemple of a bug report

A complete exemple of a bug report

Step 4: Review and submit your report

Read your report one last time, then click on the "Submit" button.

A contributor will have a look at it within the next days!

You're done, thank you for the help!